Science Writing


From the chemistry of crime to the science of magic,

these pieces communicate technical concepts to nontechnical audiences.



ThoughtCo, part of Dotdash (formerly About.Com)

From March 2018 to February 2019, I was a regular contributor to the educational website ThoughtCo, writing monthly articles on STEM topics for high schoolers and college students. My author page is here.

Selected publications

The Daily Northwestern, newspaper at Northwestern University

I was a reporter at The Daily Northwestern, interviewing subject-matter experts, residents, and city officials to write articles on science, health, and technology, and city events. My author page is here.

Selected publications




Science in the Classroom

I annotated a paper on self-driving cars published in Science for AAAS’s science outreach program Science in the Classroom. To see the annotations, please click on the colored check boxes.

Space Nation Orbit, a website that makes outer space relatable

SPORK!, a nonprofit promoting awareness of disabilities